We are often asked the question … and, at the risk of disappointing you, we do not have the answer! Or rather, we have several.

Because in reality, everything depends on you! And the way you want to approach French Polynesia and one of its most beautiful islands: Moorea.

Poerani Moorea, a guest house

As a guest house, we will have the heart to make you discover the Polynesian hospitality and sweetness of life, in an authentic and serene setting. Thus, all our accommodations are Polynesian architecture and carefully furnished with local materials. Each unit is different, with furniture and decoration of its own. Mountain side, the garden, planted with many tropical species, brings calm and serenity. On the lagoon side, the seafront opens on a whole palette of blues: the most beautiful Polynesian landscape that is. On arrival, we will welcome you in person and accompany you in your bungalow or villa to show you how it works. Throughout your stay, we will be pleased to guide you in your discovery of the island, recommend our favorites among the best professionals on the island and even book your excursions, restaurants or taxis for you. Finally, in the purest Polynesian tradition, you will leave with a necklace of seashell, pledge of the pleasure that we will have had to receive you and our desire to see you return to Moorea.

Poerani Moorea, a B&B

But if you book in Poerani Moorea, know that you will live … at home! Indeed, when not rented to a family or a group of friends, we occupy Villa Poerani and we maintain ourselves the entire property. As in a B&B, you will share a bit of our daily life. We will probably have the opportunity to share our experiences of life and travel – only if you feel like it. If you wish, we can bring you every morning your breakfast on the terrace of your bungalow. As we do not offer a table d’hôtes, you can go discover the many (and excellent) restaurants and snacks located nearby.

Poerani Moorea, holiday rentals

But maybe you just want to do “like home” and live at your own pace? In short, be fully autonomous and above all … quiet! Rest assured: our various accommodations are distributed in the tropical garden and are arranged so that the privacy of each is preserved. Like seasonal rentals, all our accommodations have a fully equipped kitchen: refrigerator, coffee maker, kettle, rice cooker, microwave oven, hob, dishes, utensils … and even a Nespresso machine! You will easily find something to fill your refrigerator and cupboards at “Rémy – U Express”, our neighborhood store within a 2 – minutes walk. We will give you a set of keys allowing you to enter and leave Poerani Moorea whenever you want. Our waterfront is sufficiently extensive and equipped with beach chairs for all our guests to find their space. It is promised: nobody will come to disturb you! We will be there when needed, if you ask us.

Guest house, B&B, vacation rental: Poerani Moorea is a bit all of this at a time, and maybe even more … It’s up to you to make up your own mind!

Poerani Moorea: Guesthouse, B&B and Seasonal rentals