To minimize the risk of virus contamination during your stay in Poerani Moorea…

Before your arrival

As much as possible, your accommodation is carefully prepared the day before your arrival and widely ventilated the same day. Our cleaning team uses cleaning products allowing complete disinfection of all contact surfaces. Air conditioner filters are cleaned regularly.

On arrival

We accompany you to your bungalow. We do not enter with you and let you take possession of it by yourself.
All the information you need for your stay (wifi code, catalog of activities, safety instructions, etc.) is available on a dedicated web page. No paper document can be found in your bungalow.

Throughout your stay

Please apply scrupulously the sanitary measures, in particular:

  • respect a distance of at least 1 meter with other travelers and staff
  • wear a mask when in close contact with other people outside Poerani Moorea (in shops, on excursions, etc.) if necessary
  • wash your hands frequently, especially after returning from your outings and before / after any use of beach equipment (garden furniture, kayaks, paddles, fins, etc.)
  • avoid touching, petting or feeding our animals.

A distributor of hydro-alcoholic solution is self-service at the entrance of the property. Always use it every time you enter or leave the premises.
We limit physical contact with our hosts as much as possible but we are at your disposal throughout your stay, preferably by email (, SMS or whatsapp (+689 87 29 89 19).
In order to avoid contact with the staff, the breakfast service is operated as follows:

  • to benefit from it, you must have reserved your breakfasts before your arrival, for the whole duration of your stay
  • they consist of coffee, tea, milk, fruit juice, butter, jams, sandwich bread, yogurts, fresh fruit.
  • all the ingredients are prepared and packaged to avoid contamination, and placed in the refrigerator of your bungalow before your arrival, in sufficient quantity for the duration of your stay. There will be no renewal during the stay, unless specific request or long stay.
  • An electric coffee maker, a toaster, a kettle and a microwave are available in your kitchen for the daily preparation of your breakfasts.

The day of your departure

In order to maintain sufficient ventilation time before cleaning and disinfecting your bungalow, we are no longer able to accept “late check-out”. We therefore thank you for respecting the deadline for check-out (11am).

How to perform your COVID-19 self-test?

If you are staying in Poerani Moorea on the day you have to carry out your COVID-19 self-test, delivered upon your arrival in French Polynesia, please watch the video below which will present you in detail the operating mode.

What to do in case of symptoms?

In case symptoms of Covid-19 appear during your stay, it is essential that you notify us as soon as possible, so that we can refer you to a doctor.